mes enfants connaîtront la beauté

Maybe you are going to recognize yourself in this book ?
Maybe you are going to recognize someone else ?
Maybe you are going to recognize your neighbor ?
Maybe you are going to recognize your grandmother ?

Or maybe not.

Photograph book made with pictures from VHS videotape
with a text booklet

5 exemplars
144 pages
240X170mm (closed)

je, tu, on

L. is a woman.
She is 37 years old.
She’s got an husband : F.
L. is the mother of two kids, two little girls R. et É.
L., F., É. et R. are a family.

L. has a box 

It contains :

Laugh. Cries. Screams. Love. Letters. Diaries. Thoughts. Dreams. Nightmares. Travels. Afternoons. Walks in forest. Roads. Flowers. Grass. Shelters. Puddles. Pricks. Absences. Hopes. Woes. Words. Texts. Fragments.

50 exemplars
Edited by éditions ju-young kim,
210X100mm (closed),
226 pages

de la brièveté de l’été

I said to girls who love girls :

“ho it’s spring time,
it’s time to speak about love stories.

I want to speak about love with you,
do you want to speak about love with me ?”

and they said “yes”

so we went to drink a cup of coffee

they told to me many beautiful stories
and sometimes sad stories

but it was like I had watched a movie at cinema

together we spoke about first love, feelings, joy, fears, tears, smells, memories, things which happened and the ones which didn’t happen and step by step we spoke about coming-out, discrimination, engagement as lesbian feminist and deconstruction of the heteronormed model

Complilation of ten stories
94 pages
20 exemplars
150X110mm (closed)

15 euros

Reading performed by ten women
and creating furnitures for performance

photograph of the reading: © Sébastien Sans-Arcidet et © Inès Hosni

comment réussir sa lune de miel ?

A girl is loosing her mind after having seen too many Youtube of techno-poetry.

She needs to save everything, she needs to document everything.

And then, yesterday she met the great virtuosos of literacy pantheon.

Among others, she met :

Nathalie Quintane,
Valérie Mréjen,
Christophe Tarkos,
Thomas Braichet,
Olivier Cadiot,
Mathieu Arsenault,
Vickie Gendreau,
Alain Farah,
Anne-james Chaton.

Master’s thesis
Directed by Cyrille Bret

vague montante

Invitation from Gabrielle d’Alessandro, as part of Entre nous, her art project. The idea is to perform remotely in her bedroom from my bedroom. Thus, I invited fifteen people to get together in her bedroom. They were reading the poems I was sending to them from my bedroom where I was alone. Sometimes, the poems came with sounds and videos.

Here is the booklet I made with all of poems I sent to them
32 pages
105X148mm (closed)